Graphic Recording/ Visual Facilitation - Angelia Yingge Xu

About Me

I'm a visual learner. When I was a kid I always be fascinated by  all the patterns in the magazines, colours of the painting hanging in the galleries and the sketching figures in the comic books...

I have been practicing GR nearly 5 years. My clients are from different business sectors and the events I have joined were very diverse topics from environment, psychology to artificial intelligence. I'm doing paintings (such as oil, acrylic and ink painting) as well, so I define my style is very dynamic and has a taste of colour. Story telling and the sense of humor are also can be seen from my works, which is what I'm trying to achieve when unfolding the visual notes much more understandable and interesting to the people who are involved in the group. 

I try different kind of art. Sketching helps me to look though time and space, doodle confident me with using simple lines to capture shapes and structure, oil painting, acrylic, water colour are the tools to capture the colour of the outside and transform them with your understanding.

I believe Art should come from a natural way, and Art is for Every One,

"Art is not a Result, Art is the Process."

Graphic Recording/ Visual Facilitation - Angelia Yingge Xu

I traveled to Dublin on Sep, 2015 for a master program in Trinity College. Now I'm a Graphic Recorder (Graphic Facilitator) based in Dublin, Ireland.  I draw lively for events, talk shows, workshops and business conference. I never stop trying new things- paper, maker, ink, cardboard, Acrylic, digital tablet...