Ideas Collective 3 Month Project

The participants came as a team or individual with their own project proposals. This project was to help them to re-thinking, re-design and re-position their projects.


The project was really fun - with different format such as drama acting, group games, creative workshop and handcrafts etc. I was so inspired by how much creative ideas genarated during the workshop through all these creative activities. My mind was constantly boomed with visuals and metaphors and they just naturally build up as a “story-telling” piece.


Since it’s not a talk event that a speaker will keep stay in one place and give all the informations. The participants were all moved into different groups and there was a huge flexibility during each activity. I was moving around besides the groups and capturing some ideas that inspired me. At the end, the group was delighted when they saw their voice been heard and captured on the paper; even during the discussion, the participants were more initiative as they know someone is “listening” ;)


The whole piece for 3 were displayed at the Showcase night.


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