Graphic Recording


Graphic recording (GR, also called Visual notes-taking and visual harvesting) involves capturing ideas in real-time using simple words and pictures that act as metaphors for complex ideas. Because visual notes align with how we learn best – visually – they are a proven tool for helping people remember and easily connect ideas and concepts shared in settings like meetings, conferences, keynote sessions, and brainstorms.

GR is a great solution if you want to add dimension to a discussion, improve understanding of content, or build an emotional connection with an audience. We can bring our skills to every corner of the globe.



Graphic Recording is a discipline that originated approx. 40 years ago on the US West coast. It is thus a young discipline that belongs to the larger context of “visualization” (and not to illustration or the creative domain). Graphic Recording was created primarily to improve meetings, encourage collaboration, generate insight and support group processes.

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